Rockit are a 4-piece band from North London

Justin Silver - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ben Annesley - bass guitar & vocals
Chris Berry - guitar
Martin Holloway - drums


  Justin Silver sings, plays guitar and keyboards for Rockit.

Justin Silver pretends to be a writer and performer in ROCKIT. His real job in the band is to make the other 3 look good, by being uglier and not as talented! He, grew up on a small island in the Pacific Ocean called Pebblerockstone Island. There he worked for many years as the Oil Spray Boy on glamorous swimsuit calendar shoots, labouring diligently to make sure each beautiful woman had the perfect shine and oily sheen on their body. After years of such slave labour, Justin graduated in advanced Space Time Continuum Theory from Acme University. One night, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon came to Justin in a dream and passed on the secret of magic space rock. Soon after, Justin was arrested for the sale and distribution of magic space rock and grossly breaching the peace. After serving years of hard time, breaking rocks in the prison yard, Justin decided that the true path to enlightenment, was in spreading groovy music around the world. To this end, he joined up with the other kids in the band and together they formed ROCKIT. Justin is currently in planetary orbit. If you see Justin, please pass on this important message: "your mum rang to say get down from there, your dinner's on the table and getting cold, you don't call, you don't write, you don't love me any more....blah blah blah....when are you going to settle down and get married, why are you wasting your time playing music, can't you go out and get a proper could have been a lawyer or a doctor......its not even real music...its just bosh bosh bosh, boring boring boring, bag lady bag lady bag lady...!!!!"


  Ben Annesley sings and plays bass guitar for Rockit

Rockit have given him the name Ben Annesley. We don't know who he really is, where he comes from, or where he goes to

  Chris Berry plays guitar for Rockit

Chris Berry, his real name is Fret Wanker  (pronounced von-ker), is originally from the USA - a fact he denies. He will insist that his place of origin is unimportant.
A long-standing fan of naked ice cream wrestling matches, Chris spent most of his adult life trying to perfect the perpetual ice cream cone. The early part of the 21st century saw Chris involved in scandalous and outrageous incidents of pure ice cream mischief. Once in a popular ice cream eating establishment, he exchanged the chocolate ice cream for black currant (a flavour he detests) and photographed the customer's reactions to the taste. He firmly believes that black currant flavour is part of a conspiracy by the British government to slowly poison the entire population with that noxious chemical. He can be seen at any ice cream convention clearly waving his 'BAN BLACK CURRANT FLAVOUR' banner and has been arrested for protesting the proliferation of black currant long range weapons. He joined rockit in order to reach a wider audience and spread his views on black currant cultural imperialism.
He had a long stint as lead guitarist in the ( well pre-darkness) glam rock band of the late 70's and early 80's  'Ron Stiletto' .In fact if Ron is out there his message to you is 'come back all is forgiven and we don't mind that you ran away with all the money from our last gig'


  Martin Holloway plays drums in Rockit.
Starsign:Herpes the Squirrel

His first taste of fame was as 'Jimmy the Psychic Child' on Opportunity Knocks, where he accurately managed to predict that he would come last. His star soon waned, however, and he was arrested whilst stealing small glass Scotty dogs from H.Samuel on Loughborough High Street for his 'crystal petting zoo'. After 2 months in a young offenders centre, where he first got a taste for 'beating skins', he went to Newton Burgoland Bongo-tec', emerging 2 years later with a PhD and first dan. Very soon, he had bought a 12 piece drumkit - ostensibly for gigging, but was again arrested after police found that he had stacked them up in order to peer over the wall into the local convent showers. He was sent to prison again,but luckily managed to escape in order to join Rockit. He currently lives in a Nissan Micra on Kilburn High Rd and has 6 children, 2 ferrets, 3 singing marmosets and a chinchilla.